Gente will work with you to understand the company’s operating model; how the work flows as well as how the business challenges can be addressed through an  organisational design review of the company structure. 

Sometimes just because it has always been done that way doesn’t make it right any longer.  We live in times of constant change and it is those companies who are agile and flexible as well as being customer responsive that are surviving. Whist this is often just dealt with in-house, sometimes you just need an external detached viewpoint of and have the ability also to benchmark against other companies.


We have extensive experience of organisational design when redesigning teams, departments and companies across numerous sectors and countries.  We have also supported the creation of new company divisions from design to implementation phase and merged business units together to improve efficiencies.  We work with you to project manage the change management process to ensure that we take your people there willingly and well and make it as seamless as possible for you.

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Organisational Design and change management