Reorganisations, Downsizing and cost reduction

Whether it’s relating to recession, relocation, mergers and acquisitions or integration, Gente can support you to  manage reorganisations,  downsize, reduce costs legally and sensitively.

People can adapt to change when it’s managed in the right way and our approach never loses sight of the fact that we are dealing with people. We can support you from the planning phase through to implementing the cost reduction strategies, headcount reduction and managing redundancy processes.

We have actively reviewed company cost bases to help them reduce costs.  It’s not always all about headcount reduction, we can work with you in identifying and reviewing high spend areas to help you improve your bottom line profitability without damaging the quality of your service. 

Throughout, communication is key to ensuring an effective outcome and we can help with this also. 

We can support you with the various cost control initiatives, as follows:

  • Conducting A Cost Review
  • Planning and Delivering Headcount Reduction Programmes
  • Managing consultation processes
  • Representing your company with trade unions

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Reorganisations, Cost Reduction & Downsizing